"Saving America's Horses is Fantastic! Powerful and compelling” -Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films

"Saving America's Horses is masterfully presented!" - Larry Lindner, New York Times

“Saving America’s Horses — A Nation Betrayed” powerfully sets the dangerous expulsion of America’s mustangs from public lands and the predatory exploits of the domestic “horse industry” against the underlying threat of commercialized slaughter. Outstanding, convincing footage and expert testimony exposing the legal, ethical, economic and humane issues of an immensely complicated subject: saving America’s horses from unspeakable cruelty and its wild burros and horse herds, from vanishing off public lands forever.

—Vickery Eckhoff, Forbes.com

Nena Windand"As a veterinarian, I believe that it is my responsibility to treat all of my patients in a humane manner. Looking at the condition of slaughter-bound horses in the videos and photographs taken by journalists, investigators and welfare personnel (over many years), I could never explain to a client or to a child what is humane about their transport, and I would certainly never recommend this avenue of disposing of a horse to a client."

- Dr. Nena J. Winand, DVM, Ph


“Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” is a must see film for anyone who cares about a horse.
I have been involved with horses and also in the thoroughbred racing industry nearly all my life. I have likewise been involved with several organizations that provide homes for thoroughbreds after the end of their racing careers. Yet this film was a sobering wake up call to the need for all horsemen and horsewomen to do more to ensure that our beloved horses are protected.
Thanks to this educational and powerful film, I am now educated about the truth that the true driving force for horse slaughter is the economic demand for horse meat outside of the U.S., and not the inability to take care of "unwanted horses" as many have been duped to believe.
I am further educated about the deplorable methods used to obtain, transport, and slaughter American horses for foreign slaughter and consumption. Further, I now understand the economic and political landscape that has prevented a Federal Anti-slaughter bill from being passed through the legislature. And finally, I am now enlightened to the fact that we can "take care of our own" without any need at all for slaughter in the United States or elsewhere.
My unexpected awakening by “Saving America’s Horses” has made an indelible impression that has moved me deeply to act as best as my resources allow to ensure that everyone is truly educated about this issue and the solutions which all deserve.

- Bing Bush Jr, Equine Attorney

Nick Zito"This powerful film is so important to shed light on the reality of what is happening to horses everyday in this country. My hope is that after seeing SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, every horse lover will walk away with a whole new understanding of why we have to protect these magnificent animals."

- Nick Zito, Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer, New York

Jo Anne Normile - Founder of CANTER, former racing breeder, owner, and BOD of the MI HBPA & M-TOBA:

“Saving America's Horses is the freight train that will roar through our country awakening, engaging and empowering the public."

"At the end of his life he should be retired, adopted, or humanely euthanized if no better solution can be found. Anything else makes a mockery of the words which for centuries have been used to describe our game ... Sport of Kings." John Hettinger, Trustee, New York Racing Association

John Holland, President Equine Welfare Alliance:

"The impact of “Saving America’s Horses - A Nation Betrayed” is visceral and awe inspiring at the same time. The beauty of the cinematography lay in stark contrast to the dark truths that the film so painstakingly and irrefutably laid bare. The public must see this film!"

Gato Del SolWe strongly support all legislative initiatives which will bring horse slaughter to a swift end.

- Staci and Arthur Hancock, Thoroughbred owners and breeders, Stone Farm, Paris, KY

Paula Bacon, former Mayor Kauffman TX:

"Saving America's Horses" takes in every aspect and tells its story with intelligence and a deep-running composure. The factual authority of soft-spoken experts, the dismay of a racehorse jockey, the anger of horse owners deceived, and the vows of politicians committed to righting a wrong--all play alongside the beauty and inspiration of America’s horses and the determination of those working to save them.”

Julie Caramante, Equine Cruelty Investigator, Animals Angels:

“Saving America’s Horses” will make the difference in finally getting a federal ban on slaughter passed.”

AHAMS Colt"Our Mission to promote and preserve the Arabian horse is not compatible with an endorsement of slaughter. It is the ultimate betrayal of these animals we have been entrusted to care for."

- Kathleen Gregory
Arabian Horse Owner

Shelley Abrams, racehorse owner, Co-Founder AAHS:

"Saving America's Horses raises the bar for animal welfare in this country.”


Laura Allen, Animal Law Attorney, Animal Law Coalition:

“'Saving America's Horses' is a brilliant exposé on the economic and environmental devastation caused by the seedy cruel practice of horse slaughter. The film masterfully pulls us through layer after layer of the incomprehensible corruption and greed that supports everything from its violent and criminal history to the spill over into the local community. Filmmaker Katia Louise forces us to confront our very soul, our raision d’etre, asking what kind of people do this to other living beings that are supposed to share our earth.

Nick Dodman and Jack"It is intolerable that our professional association continues to support horse slaughter. The abject cruelty that our horses are being exposed to in slaughterhouses is beyond imagination and anyone concerned for the welfare of our horses ought to be doing everything he or she can to support quick passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act."

- Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, DACVA, DACVB

Lisa Jacobson DVM:

"Saving America’s Horses brings to light the facts of the equine world’s dirty little secret. I encourage all to see the movie so their opinions can be based on facts. The Equine garbage disposal system of horse slaughter is so controversial and has severely divided the equine world. Yet I find very few people, including veterinarians actually know the details of the system, in spite of opinions being strong. If a person can send a horse to slaughter or encourage others’ to do so, they need to have the courage to see this movie."

Dr. Jacobson"The duplicity of some horse people and of some horse organizations is appalling. They expect good treatment of the horse until it is convenient to dispose of them at which time they are OK with the horribly inhumane treatment of the horse in the horse slaughter system (from sale yard, hauling, feed lots to the slaughter plant)."

- Dr Lisa Jacobson, DVM

Leslie McCammish, Former Executive Director of Blue Horse Charities founded by John Hettinger:

"Saving America's Horses is just what the horse industry needs to shake them awake. Very well done."

Amanda Sorvino, Horse Fellas

"Saving America's Horses will rock this nation in the fight to end horse slaughter."

RACE FUND BNR“The ultimate betrayal to any thoroughbred by itsowner is to send a horse on the horrendous journey to slaughter where they experience extreme fear, pain and a brutal death. Surely, the very fiber of the racing industry deserve better than this. "

- Patricia Bewley, Vice-President
R.A.C.E. Fund, Inc.

Joy Aten, Rescue Specialist, former BOD Canter MI:

"Saving America's Horses offers new insight to those already aware of the cruelties that many of our country’s equines endure.Whatever breed you fancy, whatever discipline you embrace, this film is a must see for those who believe "America's Horses" deserve man's respect and the humane treatment expected of a civilized nation.”

Deb LopezDebra Lopez, AAHS, Animal Advocate TV:

"Saving America's Horses transcends the finest investigative journalism... A passionate reverence for all animals"

Maria Daines"When I was a young girl I was lucky enough to share my life with horses and ponies and these wonderful creatures of grace and loyalty taught me more about compassion than I ever learnt in school. I have written songs to raise awareness of what is happening to America's horses and I support wholeheartedly the tremendously dedicated efforts of equine advocates, members of the public and indeed the producers and crew of Saving America's Horses, without whom it would be hard to envisage an end to the abhorrent slaughter of our most noble and forgiving friends." - Maria Daines

Michael Blowen
President, Old Friends
A Kentucky Facility for Retired Thoroughbreds:

"Thank you so much for providing a strong voice on behalf of the horses. Without them, there is nothing. What we do at Old Friends.. home to 78 retired thoroughbreds, is just a drop in the bucket. These are great athletes and deserve a dignified retirement. They've earned it."

Keith Dane, Director Equine Protection for The HSUS:

“Saving America’s Horses” is a moving documentary of the abuse inherent in the horse slaughter pipeline which provides viewers with details about the cruelty our horses must endure once they are deemed slaughter-bound. For anyone who thinks that horse slaughter is equivalent to humane euthanasia, this film exposes the truth about the cruel and predatory industry, and serves as a call to action for horse advocates - to confront the betrayal of America’s domestic and wild horses."

Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist:

“Saving America's Horses is a tour-de-force of technical filmmaking.”

Cynthia D’Errico, Author 'Ground Manners'

“Saving America's Horses exceeded all my expectations. It was a compelling passion driven production with lush yet dignified photography, intelligent cutaway shots and it gave a through picture of our need to protect and preserve America’s horses.”

"We pledge to support and protect all horses. Horses should not be slaughtered. This movie has a great message and everyone needs to see this and take the steps to protect the horse, burro, donkey or mule. They are magnificent creatures!" -Alanna Ponder, Advancing the Interests of Animals

Dale Bartlett, HSUS:

"Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed needs to be in every theatre in the country. It may be the only chance these horses will have."

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