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Wild for Life Foundation extends our utmost appreciation for your kind and generous support. Saving America's Horses. We recognize that support comes in many forms. We are honored to have your support whether you are telling your friends about our work, or volunteering at one of our functions, or making a tax deductible donation, or donating goods or services. We welcome you to display the "Proud Supporter" Banner on your website, blog, and social web pages.

Thank you from the team at "Saving America's Horses"

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Be recognized for putting the horse first and taking care of your own.
Exchange banners with us! In honor of this collaborative effort we ask that you display one of the official film banners in a prominent place on your home page, along with a link. We will in turn display one of your banners with a link to your website on one or more of the recognition pages of the film website.


Official Saving America's Horses Banner

How to exchange banner/ links with us:
Copy the ABOVE FILM Banner to A PROMINENT location on your website, preferably your home page, then just link it to
Send us a banner sized to 234x60 pixels or if you need assistance in getting a banner sized using your graphics, just let us know. We will size it for you.

Email us when our banner is posted so we can reciprocate... We will add your banner and a link to your website to one or more of the Initiative Recognition pages on the official film website.

Your banner will be displayed in this manner as long as you continue to display one of the above SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES banners with a link to the film website, prominently on your website.

Thank you!

Please allow 10-14 days for your banner to appear on the recognition page(s).

Banners displayed on the SAH recognition pages are subject to approval. The text should not include email addresses or phone numbers. Banners will be sized to meet the format requirements of the SAH website. Please see banners displayed on the recognition page for examples.

Email us with your banner exchange request today!

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Thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission

Our services and objectives are made possible through donations to our lifesaving mission. Unrestricted general funding allows us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest. Federal ID No 26-3052458

"Saving America's Horses" banners are authorized for use when supporting "Saving America's Horses". SAH banners, posters, graphics and artwork may not be used as an endorsement or for any other purpose without express written permission of Wild for Life Foundation.
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