The campaign, "Saving America's Horses on World Stage Through Cinema" puts the story of America's horses front and center, by bringing the award winning feature documentary film, "Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed" to the public eye.

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“Saving America’s Horses”…A lifesaving film - “The spirit of the Horse Nation calls to the people with a passionate message inspiring hope and a promise of freedom; their future is our future.” – Katia Louise, Filmmaker

“Saving America’s Horses is a powerhouse narrative, it takes in every aspect and tells its story with intelligence and a deep-running composure.” – Paula Bacon, Former Mayor Kaufman Texas

“Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed is a brilliant and heartbreaking exposé. The film masterfully pulls us through layer after layer of the incomprehensible corruption, cruelty and greed that supports the seedy practice of horse slaughter.” — Laura Allen, Executive Director, Animal Law Coalition

It's the freight train that will roar through our country awakening, engaging and empowering the public and Congress to effect a ban on horse slaughter." – Jo Anne Normile, Founder of the anti-horse slaughter national racehorse rescue program CANTER, former racing breeder, owner

“Saving America’s Horses” will make the difference in finally getting the federal ban passed. — Julie Caramante, Animal Cruelty Investigator

"Masterfully presented" – Larry Lindner, New York Times best-selling writer

BEST IN FESTIVAL: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival
ACCOLADE MERIT AWARD: Advocacy, Visuals, and Investigative Journalism

"A passionate reverence for all animals" —Debra Lopez, AAHS, AATV

“Powerful and compelling” — Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films

“A must see film” – Michael Blake, “Dances With Wolves”

"A masterpiece” —Michael Bailey, Planetviews Productions

“Everybody needs to see it, worldwide.” – Kat Kramer

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