Saving America's Horses' public alerts are made available as charitable service to the public by the Wild For Life Foundation, a 501c3 public benefit charity to educate and raise awareness toward the prevention of animal cruelty.

Each spot/ alert can be utilized through broadcast as Public Service Announcement (PSA). PSA's must be submitted according to specific industry standards. Your meaningful donation will help pay the costs to meet those requirements. Tax deductible financial support will be used to help reach the masses through SAH multimedia awareness campaign.

To sponsor a PSA or request more information please contact us at, info[@]

Health Hazards (30 second spot)

Lies Uncovered (60 second spot)


Official Trailer (2 minute spot)

Justice for America's Horses (30 second spot)

  "Justice for America's Horses' is now available for individual state bills as well.

Donations can also be made in any amount toward the SAH public awareness campaign.


"America's horses deserve to be protected and the public deserves to know the truth." - Saving America's Horses


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