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Y-Gen Ambassador Program strives to effect social change for the protection of equines from cruelty. It's a nationwide program dedicated to raising awareness and compassion through the education of America's youth about responsible care and aftercare of equines.

Through the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES Y- Gen Ambassadors Program we utilize peer based leadership to provide youth mentoring and education


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Kaitlyn Hennessy Aubrie Munson
Kaitlyn HennessyKaitlyn Hennessy is a seasoned equestrian and she has two horses, Smiley and Venturo, who she competes on in dressage. She is a college graduate with a BA in political science with an international emphasis in political economy. Aubrie Munson"Aubrie Munson grew up around horses and has loved them her entire life. She enjoys riding and has been active in the Hunter/ Jumper discipline for several years. Aubrie is also involved in equine rescue and works to try to save horses from whatever terrible fate they have been subjected to. Her first rescue was a handsome miniature horse colt that she named Cupid."
Katia Louise-Kaitlyn Hennessy-Aubrie Munson

The Y Generation is also known as the Millennials. Generation Y are known as racially and ethnically diverse, incredibly sophisticated, tech-savvy, achievementn and team -Oriented, compassionate and environmentally aware. In general, birth dates from the latter 1970s, or the early 1980s to the early 2000s are considered to be in the Y Generation.



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